Contractions Should Not Be Used in Formal Writing

As a copy editor with extensive experience in SEO, it is my opinion that contractions should not be used in formal writing. Contractions are two words that are shortened and combined with an apostrophe, such as « shouldn`t » instead of « should not ». While contractions are commonly used in everyday language, they can be seen as informal and may not be appropriate in certain types of writing.

Formal writing includes academic essays, professional reports, and business correspondence. When writing in a formal style, it is important to convey a sense of professionalism and expertise. Contractions can make a piece of writing feel less serious and less authoritative. Using contractions in a formal context can also make the writing seem less polished and less professional.

Contractions can be effective in certain types of writing, such as blog posts or social media updates. In these contexts, contractions can make the writing feel more conversational and approachable. However, in formal writing, it is important to avoid using contractions in order to maintain a sense of formality and professionalism.

In addition, using contractions in formal writing can also affect the readability of the text. Contractions can cause the text to feel choppy and disjointed, which can make it more difficult for readers to follow the flow of the writing. By avoiding contractions and using complete words instead, the writing can flow more smoothly and be easier to read.

In conclusion, while contractions may be acceptable in certain types of writing, they are not appropriate for formal writing. When writing in a formal context, it is important to maintain a professional tone and avoid anything that could be seen as too informal or unprofessional. By using complete words and avoiding contractions, writers can create a sense of formality and polish in their writing, which can help to convey a sense of expertise and authority.