Safe Restart Agreement Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories is one of Canada`s northernmost regions, with a small population spread across vast distances. As the country continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, the NWT government has put in place a « safe restart agreement » to help protect its residents while allowing for some economic activity to resume.

What is the Safe Restart Agreement?

The Safe Restart Agreement is a plan put forward by the Government of Canada to help provinces and territories deal with the impact of COVID-19. It provides funding for things like personal protective equipment (PPE), testing and contact tracing, and support for vulnerable populations. The money is intended to help with the safe reopening of businesses, schools, and other public facilities, while also taking steps to prevent the spread of the virus.

In the case of the Northwest Territories, the government has used this funding to create a plan for a « gradual and cautious » reopening of the territory. This plan is based on three key principles:

1. Protecting public health: The NWT government is committed to following public health guidelines and taking all necessary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This includes regular testing of frontline workers, strict protocols for travel and isolation, and the use of PPE in high-risk situations.

2. Supporting economic recovery: The government recognizes the importance of supporting local businesses and industries while also ensuring the safety of NWT residents. To this end, it has provided funding for things like business grants and loans, tourism initiatives, and support for cultural and recreational activities.

3. Engaging with communities: The NWT government is committed to working closely with Indigenous communities and other stakeholders to ensure that the safe restart plan reflects local priorities and needs. This includes consulting with Elders and community leaders, as well as providing information and resources in multiple languages.

What has been the impact of the Safe Restart Agreement in the NWT?

The Safe Restart Agreement has had a positive impact on the NWT by providing much-needed funding and support for local businesses and communities. Some of the key initiatives that have been implemented as part of the plan include:

– Support for remote learning: The NWT government has provided funding to schools and families to support remote learning during the pandemic. This includes resources for technology, internet connectivity, and mental health support.

– Economic stimulus programs: The government has implemented a number of programs to support local businesses and encourage economic activity. This includes grants and loans for small businesses, tourism marketing initiatives, and funding for cultural and recreational events.

– Testing and contact tracing: The NWT has ramped up its testing and contact tracing capacity in order to quickly identify and isolate cases of COVID-19. This has helped to prevent outbreaks and keep the community safe.

Overall, the Safe Restart Agreement has been an important tool for the NWT government as it navigates the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. By following public health guidelines, supporting economic recovery, and engaging with communities, the government has been able to create a plan for a gradual and safe reopening of the territory.