Washington Doh Physician Assistant Delegation Agreement

Assistants and doctors can enter into several practice agreements. Under current legislation, supervisors can only monitor up to 5 medical assistants. The new law brings the number to 10 medical assistants. Doctors who supervise more than 10 medical workers must seek the resignation of the Washington Medical Commission. The new law stipulates that it is voluntary for physicians to serve as supervisors and that employers cannot condition the employment of a physician on the supervision of a medical assistant. The Washington Medical Commission and the Medical Council of the Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery are responsible for participating in the implementation of the rules. Medical assistants, surveillance physicians and hospital staff should subscribe to regulatory updates from the Washington State Department of Health via this link. Under current legislation, medical assistants can sign any documents that their supervisory physician can sign as long as the documents fall within the scope of the delegation agreement. HB 2378 adds a subsection RCW 18.71A.090 which states: « A physician is not obligated to counter orders that are written in a patient`s clinical record or in an official form by a medical assistant with whom the physician has a practice agreement. » Under the new law, medical assistants are required to enter into a practice agreement with a treating physician or group of physicians before treating patients. The practice agreement is a contract between the medical assistant and his supervisory physician, which defines the scope of the physician`s assistant`s practice and the tasks for all parties, including the supervision required for the various tasks or procedures described in the agreement.

With regard to the scope of the practice, paragraph 2 of Section 5 clearly states the current RCW 18.71A.030: « Medical assistants may practice in any field of medicine or surgery as long as the practice is not beyond the domain of the treating physician and clinical practice and practice agreement. » Under stakeholder leadership, Section 5 (3) adds a new subsection to the same RCW, which sets out the requirements for medical assistants administering anesthesia. In a new amendment to existing legislation, the Washington Medical Commission will no longer determine whether the practice agreements reflect the medical assistant`s qualifications. Instead, it is the physician`s responsibility to determine the mandate of the medical assistant and the supervision necessary for certain procedures or areas of practice. It is also the responsibility of the doctor or his agent to verify the qualifications of a medical assistant. In a substantial change in existing legislation, practical agreements apply as soon as all parties sign them and no longer need the approval of the Washington Medical Commission. Instead, practice agreements are submitted by the medical assistant to the Washington Medical Commission as soon as they are signed. Practical agreements can also be amended at any time to reflect new tasks or responsibilities. The medical assistant is responsible for submitting amendments or amendments to the Washington Medical Commission. In addition, the Washington Medical Commission has put in place emergency rules to eliminate requirements for retired active physicians, including limitations on compensation and the essential requirements to encourage their return to practice. Read the Statement of the Medical Commission.

The Governor`s Proclamation also temporarily waives certain licensing requirements for allopathic and osteopathic physicians to allow uninterrupted health care during the pandemic, including: In a modified health admission proclamation, the governor temporarily removes the need for an AP delegation agreement allowing doctors across the state to call on APAs immediately to support the pandemic. , without a delegation agreement from the Washington Medical Commission being considered. The Washington Academy of Physician Assistants establishes a list of AP volunteers by counties ready and able to reach health personnel to assist in the COVID-19 response.