T Shirt Designer Agreement

10.1 This contract begins on the effective date and ends automatically (subject to a previous termination pursuant to this clause) with acceptance of the delivery items by the Customer and payment of all outstanding amounts. Include the party that holds the legal copyright on the T-shirt design files and sources in the proposal. Also note all limited or unlimited reproduction rights of the design work. This provision will avoid further conflicts if the customer were to reproduce the t-shirts at a later date. 1.4 Tshirt Mill Affiliate Stores is pleased to offer our customers the opportunity to create a new revenue stream through our affiliate store service. All fees are paid to Deco Network by The Tshirt Mill, which means this service is free for our users! « user contract, » the agreement between DesignCrowd and the customer or DesignCrowd and Designer (if any), which regulates the use of the DesignCrowd service by the customer and the designer (if any); (h) a reference to an agreement or document in this agreement or document is in the agreement or document valid, renewed, completed, varied or replaced, if applicable in accordance with this agreement or any other agreement or document; 7.1 Each party assures the other party that it has the full power and power to conclude and execute the agreement. The License Exclusion Tshirt Mill We consider all subsequent actions as an authority to continue their order. Important advice and advice for the choice of clothing: Our mission at the beginning of this company was to allow everyone to express their individuality through their own individual t-shirt. For this reason, we offer a wide range of products to meet everyone`s budget and needs. We understand that online shopping can be difficult, so we`ve had some important facts about each brand below so you can make the best decision for your order. We are constantly updating our range and products, so if you can`t see the brand you`re looking for below, call our friendly sales team and they`ll help you with tips.

Unless there is a contrary provision of this clause, neither party can remedy a false statement (written or oral) on which it used to enter into this contract (false presentation) and neither party has any other responsibility than that provided for in this agreement. There is nothing in this agreement that excludes the liability of one of the parties for a false presentation that was made knowing that it was false. The responsibility of any party for misrepresenting a fundamental issue, including a princess`s ability to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement, is subject to the limit set out in the limitation of liability clause. However, remember that nothing is a « work for rent » unless you are clearly stated in writing, make sure you have the right agreements before the start of each job. When you work for corporate clients, you are often asked to sign another type of contract called « Work-for-hire. »