Sample Wedding Venue Contract Agreement

The contract model for the wedding venue and the contract model for the venue cover the most important points that will help you avoid the most common problems: the contract model for the venue, available for download below, covers most of these elements. Eazyplan offers free documents and templates for event planning. Scroll down to download a typical contract template for the event location. Whether you`re working for a venue or need a model as a customer, you`ll find it useful and time-saving for planning your events. The treaty covers all important issues that might otherwise lead to a stressful planning process. A draft marriage contract opens on the basis, as all contracts do – who the parties are and what they have agreed. Note to the venue: Book more events, plan them faster and save time with Eazyplan! Create your free account on Eazyplan (the « First Free Steps » button in the top right corner).