Ripe Ncc Standard Service Agreement

The Charging Scheme model is based on the principle that members pay an annual contribution (service fee) by local Internet registry (LIR). Members also pay additional fees for independent and older Internet resources. New members or additional LIR account registrations pay an additional one-time registration fee in addition to their annual fee. 5.1 The Member shall owe RIPE NCC a service fee and registration fee in accordance with the RIPE NCC fee system adopted by the CPIN NCC General Assembly. The RIPE NCC Charging Scheme may be amended by decision of the RIPE NCC General Assembly. 3.2 The provision of certain RIPE NCC services may be subject to additional conditions to which the Member must give his consent before having access to them. 6.1 The Member acknowledges and adheres to the applicability of the RIPE Guidelines and THE RIPE NCC procedural documents. The RIPE guidelines and ripe-NCC procedural documents are publicly available in the NCC ripe brief. These documents, which may be reviewed and updated from time to time, form an integral part of and fully apply to the RIPE NCC Standard Service Agreement. Each revised document receives a new document number and can be found on III. The member wishes to use the RIPE NCC services via an LIR account. 3.2 The fees due for the services correspond to the current version of the RIPE NCC Charging Scheme, as approved by the membership of the GENERAL Assembly of ripe NCC.

The amount of redistribution applied to each LIR account is based on the annual contribution paid in 2019 (service fee), including fees for independent and older Internet resources. Registration fees and/or reactivation fees are excluded from the calculation. II. The Member has entered into the RIPE NCC Standard Service Agreement with RIPE NCC for the provision of RIPE NCC services. 2.2 The representative shall ensure that he transmits to RIPE NCC at least one printed copy of the RIPE NCC Standard Service Agreement, signed by an authorised representative of the constribuant, together with an extract from the commercial register or an equivalent document proving the registration of the constribuant`s activity with the national authorities. CPIN NCC does not begin providing RIPE NCC services until such documents have been received. 9.5 After the termination provided for in this Article 9, the RIPE NCC terminates the provision of RIPE NCC services to the Member and the Member loses its status as a member of the NCC RIPE, as described in the RIPE NCC procedure document « Closure of LIR and Disconnection of Internet Resources ». . .