Revenue Interest Purchase Agreement

« taxes »: all public, local or foreign taxes; Social security contributions, fees, expenses, taxes, taxes or other taxes collected by a taxable public authority, including, but not exclusively, to all net revenue, gross receipts, sales, use, capital gain, capital gain, transfer, registration, deductible, profits, inventory, capital stock, license, withholding, payslip, stamp, business, property taxes, property and property taxes, customs duties or related fees , investments, deposits and charges, all interest, interest, interest, penalties, surcharges, tax increases or additional amounts imposed by a public taxing authority, as well as any transfer liability related to any of the taxes mentioned above. E. The purchasers intend to acquire all the interests of the single limited partnership and the general interests of Productions Company and Anime Online (together the « partnership interests ») and the sellers intend to encourage the sale of the partnership shares to purchasers on the following terms; and (e) Except as stated in Appendix 3.10, there are no options, warrants, convertible bonds or other rights, agreements, agreements or obligations of any kind related to the partnership interests of companies, if any, or requires companies to issue or sell, if applicable, partnership interests or other shares in the companies. Unless stipulated in this Agreement, sellers have not issued assurances, guarantees, promises, pacts, agreements or guarantees of any kind, whether explicit or implied, orally or in writing, past, present or future of companies or their assets, commitments, forecasts or forecasts, and have explicitly denied and excluded. Buyers recognize and accept that they have or will have the opportunity to audit the operations and assets of the companies and, with the exception of their dependence on the guarantees and guarantees set out in this agreement, buyers will rely on their own due diligence investigation of the respective companies and their respective businesses. The seller and Navarre are in no way liable or are bound in any way by oral or written statements, assurances or information relating to companies or their respective companies provided by another person. 8.6 Const parties. This agreement can be carried out in any number of counterparties, all considered original and all forming the same agreement together. B. Navarre CLP owns all limited partnerships per company in Productions Company; « charges »: any mortgage, mortgage, option, facility, act of trust, right of priority, intervention, restriction, pledge, fees, receivables, security interest, relief or any other charge of any kind or any other article 5.1 Books and records. From time to time, purchasers will provide sellers and their representatives, after notice and on reasonable dates, with appropriate access and assistance for reasonable purposes, including, but not limited to (a) the establishment or filing of necessary or recommended statements or bids by the U.S.

Securities and Exchange Commission. , or b) defending all claims for which a duty notification has been forwarded to all corporate books and records during normal business hours, including, but not limited to, accounting and tax documents, sales and purchase documents, notes, memorandums and all other electronic or written data relating to the period before or after the actual deadline , provided that buyers have the right to do so. , to make a buyer`s representative present during the period during which sellers and their representatives have access to these records.