Limited Scope Legal Services Agreement

Recognize that unbundled legal services are not appropriate for all lawyers, clients or legal issues: according to a comment under Rule 3.2-9, restricted representation is generally not appropriate when a client`s ability to make reasonable decisions in relation to the case or representation is compromised due to minorities , intellectual disabilities or other reasons. This comment states that « a lawyer who is invited to provide legal services to a limited extent to a client in the event of an obstruction should, in all cases, carefully consider and assess how it is possible, in the present circumstances, to provide these services competently. » Lawyers should be careful when providing unbundled services to clients who are or are likely to be disabled. In addition, you should find that a case has become more complex than expected, you can eventually get an agreement with the lawyer to move from representation at a limited level to the more traditional form of legal representation. Be careful in seeking limited representation in an emergency – Plan ahead for the hiring of a lawyer. A rush to « quick document verification » is much more risky if the lawyer is only involved in this brief transaction. There is no chance of correcting bad advice. Consider asking the lawyer to help you push back the deadline. This will allow the lawyer sufficient time for verification or representation. The « dissociation » of legal services, which is also commonly referred to as « limited sector representation » or « limited scope » (which is now defined according to the rules of professional law), is « the provision of legal services by a lawyer for one party, but not all, the legal question of a client`s common agreement between the lawyer and the client. » Be careful with communication when opposing counsel act on an unbundled basis: the comment in point 3.2-1A.1 states that « a lawyer who performs legal services to a limited extent should think about how communications should be handled by an opposing lawyer in a case. » It is recognized that, in an unbundled context, a lawyer handles opposing legal assistance in the context of limited and direct retention of a client in cases outside the storage area.