Leave And Licence Agreement Format In English

This leave and licence will begin on the date of the contract and will remain in effect for a period ___________months/year from that date. The licensee and the taker agree that the licensee uses and occupies the premises on the licensee`s permission and does not have or claim any rental or rights rights in the premises and that he is still considered a licensed user. The licensee deposits ——– and deposits the amount in the form of a surety/money advance/money for compliance and execution of this agreement with and to the licensee. The taker pays the license fee of Rs. -(in wordsrupees________________) per month/year, during the period of leave and the licensing agreement mentioned above. The licensee during the stay of this agreement bears all outgoing charges and charges, including repairs, electricity and water charges for electricity and water consumption. The licensee stops the use and occupancy of the licensed premises and hands over premises granted without opposition or opposition to the licensee after the _______month/year period above has expired; From the date of execution of this leave and licensing agreement. The licensee agrees and agrees with the licensee that the licensee will not transfer or cede the usefulness of the gift to another person under any circumstances and accepts and acknowledges that the licensee has authorized the licensee not to use and occupy the licensed premises and has in no way granted a right of transfer or transfer or transfer or transfer or transfer. The licensee shall use and occupy the premises granted to —-_________only and do not cause any nuisance, degradation, disturbance, harassment, inconvenience or disturbance to the occupants of the neighbouring premises. The licensee may not use licensed premises for illegal or moral purposes, or engage in any activity or do anything that constitutes a violation of the law. The taker agrees with the licensee to agree to compensate and comply with the agreements and conditions of the license by the licensee. All communications, communications are to be addressed to the address and must be sufficient to ———- I ask you to give the necessary permission to give on the holidays and the license-Care of the base, the apartment-part of the apartment, to the person above, for a period of 11 months.

In the event that I am required to extend the subletting period and justify the housing care base, I will apply for an extension of the period, well before the original deadline expires, with the appropriate justification for extending the period.