Impact Agreement

On the basis of the annual monitoring and evaluation of the project`s performance, the commitments in the annexes can be updated from year to year by agreement between the parties to the IBA. The annexes are therefore dynamic working papers that contain concrete and realistic commitments with regard to the use of Greenlandic workers and businesses. The licensee and subcontractors must meet these obligations each year. Annual monitoring of performance and possible updating of scheduled commitments ensures that the project evolves in line with Greenland`s recent economic development (e.g. B, labour, labour market, industrial structure, etc.). 6. User Behavior You understand that the service and website cannot be used for commercial purposes by you unless you specifically provide for it in your service agreement with us. You ensure, guarantee and consent that no material of any kind, deposited or published, transferred or shared by you on or via the service on your account, violates or violates the rights of third parties, including copyright, trademarks, privacy, advertising or other personal or property rights; contain defamatory, defamatory or otherwise illegal material. In order to assess the impact of tax policy on social assistance, this document uses the appropriate variant, which is likely to measure how satisfied people are with an ongoing project. The equivalent differences are calculated by the difference between income before a policy change and minimum expenditure to ensure the level of supply prior to the policy change with the prices obtained prior to the policy change (Hosoe et al., 2015): the general part of the IBA document is non-negotiable and frames the overall objectives of the agreement.

He is responsible for organizing cooperation between the parties and their participation. Finally, and not least, the results of this document are not only a valuable reference point for governments and policy makers in other countries when deciding to reduce tariffs or adjust production taxes as soon as they are integrated into the global economy, but also to highlight the benefits of trade liberalization. , the abolition of tariffs and national tax reforms.