Food Court License Agreement

The legal relationship between the landowner and a tenant resulting from a tenancy agreement is totally different from the legal relationship established by a license between the landowner and a licensee. (A) the next restaurant, developed as part of a licensing agreement after the date of the agreement, will not be subject to an initial fee; (B) for each of the following three (3) restaurants developed under licensing agreements, an initial non-refundable fee of $20,000 per restaurant is levied on the licensee; and (C) for each restaurant subsequently developed under licensing agreements, an initial non-refundable fee of $10,000 per restaurant is levied on the licensee; On the other hand, under a good faith licensing agreement, the licensee tenant does not own land on the premises and has no property rights. General principles apply and the owner licensee has the absolute right to use peaceful assistance at any time to remove a licensee from licensed premises for some reason or reason. It is expected that the purchaser will check all content prior to transfer, both to ensure that it corresponds to the current image and standards of Bad Daddy restaurants and that no restrictions apply to the content that is based on this contract, to all other agreements between licensees and licensees, to the current legislation (such as the Federal Trade Commissions directives) and to the platform used by the licensee (for example). B terms of service for the website on which the license is shared). Licensing. During the duration of the agreement, the licensee grants the licensee the non-exclusive right and license, and the licensee commits to develop and operate a Bad Daddys restaurant and to use the Bad Daddys brands and system exclusively in connection with and in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. The licensee agrees to use the Bad Daddys trademarks and system, as these trademarks can be modified, improved and developed by the licensee from time to time. Unless the licensee agrees otherwise, the licensee has 18 (18) months from the effective date to complete the initial training in accordance with Section 12.1 and start operating in the restaurant. Advertising funds.

In addition to all other amounts to be paid, if the donor sets up an advertising development and research fund (the promotion fund), the licensee must pay, for the duration of a licensee, an amount to the licensee or any other organization designated by the licensee, which is two per cent (2%) must not exceed. (the advertising tax), the amount is used by the advertising fund. The advertising costs are the same for all restaurants of bad daddys franchised and licensed. The payment of the advertising tax is made every Wednesday on the basis of the gross sale of the restaurant for the previous week. The advertising fee is levied in favour of the licensee, licensee and any other licensee, franchisee or user of the Bad Daddys system, for the production or purchase of advertising materials or services that the donor deems necessary or appropriate, on a national, regional or local basis.