Collective Agreement Insurances

For employers, the insurance contract with Fora eliminates any uncertainty about the insurance and occupational pensions your employees must have. If your new employer also offers group insurance, you can switch to this group. Contact our customer service. Under the Health Insurance Act, a change of employment is not a reason to terminate health insurance later this year. You will keep your insurance with us until January 1st. The premium is increased because you are no longer entitled to group insurance. Zilveren Kruis is the first public health insurer. More than 15,000 employers have taken out group health insurance for their employees. We also have group insurance for sports federations and member organisations. ZieZo does not have collective agreements because the premium is already competitive. Occupational pensions and insurance are one of the most frequent and important employment benefits you can offer your employees as an employer.

In November, we will inform you of specific agreements that apply to your group health insurance or your member organization. Would you like to become a member of a employers` organisation affiliated with the Swedish Entrepreneurs` Association? Members of the Swedish Entrepreneurs` Association pay less than half for career adjustment insurance than companies with local collective agreements. If the company has a local collective agreement with a union affiliated with the Swedish Confederation of Trade Unions, it must enter into an insurance contract with Fora. This means that the employer must purchase insurance for all active workers. In this case, dependents are also insured by the Workers` Compensation Insurance (TFA), which is part of the insurance contract with Fora. For all health insurers, the group discount on basic insurance will be changed to 5% from 2020. Group insurance still has many advantages. You will receive not only competitive discounts, but also additional refunds. Companies that do not have collective agreements can enter into insurance contracts with Fora. Insurance contract if you have a local collective agreement You can change from the 1st of the month following your application. This is the case if you want to switch from individual health insurance to group health insurance with your current insurer.

If not, you can change from January 1. You can switch insurers if you have group health insurance with us and your new employer has group health insurance elsewhere. Learn more about how you, as an employer, sign up for insurance and occupational retirement plans, whether you are a member of an employer organization or if your company has a local collective agreement with a union. Group and business health insurance funds included in the insurance policy provide your staff with comprehensive coverage that covers most work-life situations, such as illness, injury or parental leave.